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Anyone who has ever met me knows that I have an imaginative way of seeing the world. I could never sit still as a child and was always busy creating different kinds of sketches, craft projects and short stories. My parents designated a playroom for my sister and myself to scribble on the walls and get as dirty as needed. This was my first taste of creative freedom and it was awesome!


I developed a fascination with sketching and the challenge of class projects throughout junior high and high school and then discovered my adoration for music. I had always listened to many different genres growing up and rocked out while creating my artwork but my interest drastically peaked around the age of 15. I began going to all ages shows as much as possible and became completely immersed in the punk and ska music scene. This inspired me to create a local zine with my best friend which revolved around the Dallas/Ft. Worth and featured music, art and writing excerpts that we ran for two years. I organized the articles and page layout, conducted interviews with touring bands stopping through the city, promoted upcoming shows and events and were mailed CDs to review from over a dozen record companies on a regular basis. We were eventually offered free tickets to shows to conduct the band interviews, funds to display ads in our zine and learned how to set up consignments around town. We used all of this to pay for more production and zine merchandise. This became my second large encounter with creative freedom and taught me many things about start-up business and production.


​It is obvious that I would eventually follow artistic pursuits as an adult. At 20, I moved to Austin and took on the titles of Artist and Musician. These two main pursuits of mine continued on a daily basis and I became extremely active in both arenas. I began creating visual pieces for friends, participating and hosting group art shows, playing and touring across the country in several punk, surf and rockabilly bands and also creating DIY garage screen printed merchandise for my bands and others. All of these extracurricular engagements became a steady routine while I finished a Bachelors in Communications degree at Texas State University.


Eventually, friends were asking for commissioned pieces of art and digital design, which led to word of mouth and more requests from friends and people they knew. I began fine tuning my skills as a Graphic Designer in 2010 and have been consistently creating works for many organizations, businesses, individuals and nonprofits. My passion for the creative realm has blossomed into a career path in Visual Design for web and print which led me to also pursuing and completing my UX Design Certification in the spring of 2018 at Southern Methodist University - SMU.


I recently finished working on a mural in May 2024 with the Little Casa View Beautification Group for my neighborhood. I am currently rotating between freelance graphic design projects, mixed media projects, printmaking and creating a children's book for my son. I am very pleased to display my work on this site and I hope that you enjoy!


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